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Mental Wellness Library 

We could all use help sometimes. It takes courage to reach out, and we don't always know where to look for help. For this reason, we at Open to Change have put together a library of resources for mental and emotional health.


Below, you will find a variety of sites, videos, readings and exercises to support you/a loved one with whatever mental health challenges are coming up for you right now.


Just click on the green buttons to access the listed resource for your specific challenge/s. Including, but not limited to: stress, anxiety, depression, ptsd, addiction, abuse, life transitions, relationship issues, grief, chronic pain.

This is a continual work in progress, so if there are any issues you feel are missing from this library or you know of any great resources you'd like to share, please send us a message and we'll be happy to take a look and consider your suggestions.

Loneliness and Isolation to Connection


Living with Schizophrenia

or Psychosis 

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