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The audio files and digital booklet will be emailed to you to keep, as part of your purchase.


Meditation is most often thought of as being seated and silent, though in reality,  this is just one style of practice.  Each day, you will be introduced to a new technique or method. View each of these seven days as an exploration into which method feels more impactful for you right now. It is ideally intended to be used every day, over a seven day period and then can be repeated as often as possible, with the opportunity to increase timings as you become more experienced. 


If you find there is a method which speaks to you, there is the possibility of further audio courses or classes which  build upon your experiences during this introductory course.

A Beginners Guide to Meditation

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  • You will receive 14 short audio files through a Google Drive link and a digital guide booklet, via email, within 24 hours of your purchase. You may download the audio files or simply  select to 'view' (listen to) them.

  • You will receive your course via email within 24 hours of your online purchase.

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