Open to Change is a community of people who have found a way to heal their mental and emotional wounds and cultivate a sense of peace around change.

Open to Change is built around the philosophy that being open to change, internal and external, is the single most important quality that can help us begin to live an authentic and healthy life.

If you are someone who craves a deeper, spiritual connection to self/others and a greater presence in your daily life, then welcome! You are in the right place.

We share our experience, strength and hope to help others move beyond, stress, anxiety, depression and destructive habits to live with appreciation, joy and playfulness.

Dani Van De Broucke YTT 200 hrs, M.F.A., MEd. P.G.C.E., B.A (hons)

a.k.a Priya Harpal Kaur

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"Yoga has incredible mental, emotional and physical health benefits; including: overcoming chronic pain, rehabilitating spinal and joint injuries, easing the symptoms of past Trauma, (1994, Van Der Kolk, M.D.) and creating an inner sense of stability and peace.


You don't have to be super fit or flexible to join my classes. You will become gradually more flexible in mind and body, learning techniques to help to you choose how you respond to thoughts and emotions. Your 'interoceptive abilities' or the awareness of the sensations & emotional landscape inside your body, will deepen. With this, you will become more present and intuitive in your daily life."


-  Dani, Founder of Open to Change Yoga.



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